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MaxCareSolution (MCS) - The premier placement consultants for seniors in California

If you're in California and are in need of trusted, professional help in finding the best suited senior health care and/or senior living facilities, there's only one name to remember - MaxCareSolution!

We provide exceptional FREE assistance with senior housing options in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Valley, San Gabriel, Hollywood, or other neighboring areas. We provide our recommendations based on the results of a thorough initial assessment where we'll identify your most important needs as well as other factors that will help us determine which services best fit your requirements.

MCS provides you and your family FREE assistance with senior housing options and funded by the industry. even if it's your first time to look for similar services, we can help make the process as easy and stress-free for your and your loved ones. With over years of personal dedicated service to individuals and families in search of the best elderly housing options, we are your best choice to help you connect with the ideal types of senior housing options in your area. We have helped guide families through this transition since 2010 with experience, knowledge and compassion. 

A MaxCareSolution offers choices in finding appropriate care and housing options. If you are seeking the best possible care setting for your loved one and don't know where to begin, come to ous and let our wealth of knowledge and experience guide you in making this very important decision.

Placement services is completely free and is provided at no cost to your loved one. MaxCareSolution know how to evaluate a facility and what to look for to make sure that your loved one gets the best care for her or his specific needs.

*Not only do we provide information about housing but also other beneficial documents to care for you and/or your loved ones. Please contact us to find out more information. 

Please review our senior housing options to help guide you through the process of finding housing in California for you or your loved one.
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