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MaxCareSolution - Providing quality FREE assistance with senior housing options in Los Angeles.

When you talk about placement consultants for seniors in California, there are quite a few companies that provide this service. However, out of the many, one name stands out as the premier placement consultant providing top-notch assistance for families and individuals in need of expert guidance in finding the right types of senior housing options for their loved ones - MaxCareSolution.

Lida Amroyan founded a MaxCareSolution Placement for seniors in 2010. She has been a Social Worker, Case Manager, and Advocate in the Health Care industry for many years. She puts her education MSW and experience to good use in order to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Committed to providing the best service in the industry, we provide free assistance to clients in need of great senior housing options in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Valley, San Gabriel, Hollywood, and other parts of California.

MaxCareSolution is one resource that can assist in making decisions about housing and care options. A MaxCareSolution can assist seniors, adults, and their families become informed about the various care options available to them.

Placement services is completely free and is provided at no cost to you or your loved one. Placement/referrals will be made on a per case basis and only after full clinical assessment by the case manager. 

MCS can make even unfamiliar requirements easily understandable and will help you find the best suited senior housing and/or senior care options for you and/or your loved one.

About Lida Amroyan 

Lida Amroyan founder of MCS, was raised in a culture that views seniors with respect and reverence. Lida Amroyan recived her MSW in 1990, she is certified RCEF (residential assisted living administrator) since 2009. Hospice work, groups, dementia training and supportive counseling have all been part of her practice, years experience working with seniors, clinical case management in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Her orientation combined with years of experience in working with seniors and their families, has enabled Lida to help thousands of Los Angeles Area residents. She currently provided consultation with discharge planing and case management to the long therm facilities such as SNF skill nursing-rehab facilities.

"Having worked in the geriatric field for over 15 years I have seen how overwhelming it can be for families to find the right placement for their loved ones in a residential care facility. There are many families juggling careers, their children, and caring for their parents being faced with one of the toughest decisions of their lives when they know their loved ones cannot live independently. 

I felt a great passion for starting a consulting service where I could be instrumental in helping families find the right placement for their loved ones. MCS shares Lida's passion and philosophy of helping older adults and their families with passion, dignity and respect. 

The core of what we do every day: helping families and their loved ones through one of life's most difficult transitions with compassion, dignity, and respect. 
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